Project Brief

Set against the magnificence of the Manila Bay, Diamond Hotel is one of the premier hotels that the Philippines has to offer. Part of the five star services that they offer is the capacity to host large-scale banquets. The kind that royalty of old would be envious of. Recently, Diamond Hotel decided to rehabilitate their entire banquet kitchen in order for them to be able to better attend to their increasing demand. In line with this, Philman was tasked to design a five phase kitchen rehabilitation to help them in their endeavor.


As of 2018, Diamond Hotel has already started implementing the five-phase kitchen rehabilitation program that Philman has designed for them. Just to add icing on the cake, Philman has also been awarded the contract for supplying the equipment to be used for Diamond Hotel’s Storage and Dishwashing Area. 

This is only the start though. Out of their five-phase kitchen rehabilitation program, Diamond hotel has only implemented the first two phases. With three more phases to come, one can only imagine how amazing Diamond Hotel’s banquet kitchen will be.








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